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Dear participants, dear speakers,


It’s been a few weeks since this year’s Customer Event.
After countless sleepless nights, long work days and endless amounts of meetings, our plan has become a reality. Now, we’re excited to look back on those two successful November days we’ve spent together.

Through all our preparations, we’ve never lost sight of you, our customer.
For us, this yearly event is a chance to connect with and hear from you. Orchestra lives off its diverse, active and dedicated community. It’s our goal to both promote and reward that dedication.
We’ve invited many prolific speakers from the sectors Healthcare, Industry 4.0 and Tech to entertain you with talks on those topics.


Success, defined

Prof. Dr. Hans Ulrich Buhl of the University of Augsburg opened our conference with a talk on human nature. Success, according to him, isn’t solely decided by how well prepared you are for the future; making prognoses is only valuable if you’re able to adapt to new circumstances.

We are proud that Orchestra is laid out to be future-oriented, however, according to soffico-CTO Prof. Dr. Bernd Hafenrichter in his talk Orchestra – Present and Future, we must also constantly strive for innovation and be ready for change. Something that works fine today may be put to the test tomorrow.


Creating (healthcare) networks

One topic we engaged with en detail was the ongoing interconnectedness in and of the Healthcare sector. Lukas Holzmann of the x-tention group quoted the following stat: our medical knowledge doubles every 3.5 years, growth expected. A real challenge.

The industry must be able to keep pace with this dramatic progress. At the center of all this lies the patient. How does the industry have to connect itself in order to guarantee ideal nation-wide healthcare? Orchestra wants to play a central role in implementing this connectivity.


Innovation Walk 2018

As a little extra, we’ve planned something very special for you this year: in our Innovation Walk, each participant was able to actively immerse themselves in the world of Orchestra. It was the audience’s turn to share their insights: how do you personally work with Orchestra?

Which features are especially useful to you, what more do you need to optimize your work with our middleware? The participants collected in small groups to discuss topics from MQTT to OPC-UA with our experts. The results were presented on day 2. We wanted to make sure that your opinions and questions were heard and relayed to our experts.


Conclusion: Amazing!

With all that work, we don’t want to miss out on the fun! At our lovely dinner at the popular Ratskeller, we enjoyed good food and music by the Augsburg-based Band Rebels of the Jukebox. That ended our evening nicely.

The Customer Event 2018 is over. Before we start planning for next year, we wanted to take a look back.
We thank you for your interest and participation. We are excited to welcome you again next year!


Your soffico team