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We are pleased to make the Orchestra Healtcare Edition 18.1.1 available to you from now on.

With the current release, the document exchange is now being raised to a level where basic data can also be exchanged between communities such as federal states.

From now on you will have the following new features available:

  • DICOM Router Basis-functions
  • Cross Community Access-functions
  • Sharing Value Set (Client-blocks)

The Orchestra Healthcare Edition combines the Orchestra Health Service Bus and the Health Record and provides features related to modular healthcare data exchange. The standardized provision of data in an organizational collective is made possible by the modules Master Patient Index, CrossCommunity and Medical Data. The result is an e-health platform that significantly simplifies communication between the participants in the network. This architecture ensures that relevant patient data is made available to the treating medical staff independently of geographical and organizational requirements and that the best possible modern and efficient treatment is allowed.

If you have any questions or interest, please contact our support or use the contact form below.

Information Orchestra Healthcare Edition 18.1.1

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