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With simple system, we connect buyers and suppliers for more efficient procurement processes.

The bulk of the price when purchasing C-parts makes procurement alone. The value of goods, on the other hand, is only 20% of the actual costs to be incurred. That is why the platform simple system has set itself the task of providing companies with a comfortable and cost-effective way of procuring C-items: a central point of contact for all communications. Orchestra, as a dynamic and flexible data hub, enables a sustainable and simple networking of buyers and sellers.

A clever marketplace for B2B

The online marketplace Amazon succeeded in the breakthrough with the stringent networking of providers and buyers and a simple and uniform shopping experience. One registration, one order, one payment- no matter how many different products and providers are involved. Comfortable, simple and transparent. That’s what buyers are looking for in the B2B environment. This is where simple system comes into play.

The platform simple system is a clever market place for procurement: suppliers submit their catalogs and product ranges, and simple system bundles this large variety of suppliers and articles for buyers. From many different and complex procurement processes, this becomes a central process. A real increase in efficiency for companies. But the requirements for such a network are high because the respective systems of suppliers and buyers must be able to communicate with each other.

In order to ensure the perfect communication between the systems or interfaces of buyers and suppliers, the simple system platform is complemented by the Middleware Orchestra as a data hub. Orchestra ensures the optimal networking of suppliers and buyers. Orchestra’s agile and flexible adaptability to different environments is the big advantage here. The channeled communication via Orchestra serves as a solution to reduce complexity and allows for a more flexible and dynamic procurement process.

With simple system, Orchestra takes over the entire communication from and to suppliers and customers and, for example, automates the import of orders into existing systems, whereby systems can be connected and internal purchasing processes are more effective.

The advantages at a glance:

  • Reduction of complexity
  • Flexibility in linking
  • Increased efficiency through central order process
  • Optimal traceability of procedural procedures
  • Transaction security

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New opportunities for procurement processes

Quelle: simple system

With Orchestra, simple system provides more convenient ordering processes and easy connection to interfaces via a user-friendly platform. Intelligent and flexible networking results in simpler and more efficient processes that offer completely new possibilities for procurement. Digitization creates new opportunities for industry in global competition. The digital transformation of business processes plays a central role when companies want to remain viable. With Orchestra we help you to network better. The possibilities are varied. Read our use cases, where we have created additional advantages through networking with Orchestra, or make a non-binding inquiry.

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