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The Open Digital Business Platform Orchestra has fulfilled the prerequisites to support the smooth running of the medical routine. From April 3 to 7, 2017, Orchestra was able to successfully demonstrate its platform functionalities in the healthcare sector at the Connectathon in Venice, together with 115 systems from 90 companies and more than 360 participants.

Orchestra IHE – compliant

At the annual IHE Europe Connectathon, systems and solutions are tested for their interoperability functionality to the extent that they are compliant with IHE (Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise) integration profiles and work smoothly with other providers’ solutions.

Orchestra performed numerous tests in the area of ​​patient and document management and was able to successfully present the use of access controls, handling in the context image data area and required functions for inter-organizational data exchange.

The successful participation clearly demonstrates that standards are adhered to and modularity is maintained. When networking heterogeneous hospital system architectures, nursing care facilities and the established area, this is the basis for the optimization of patient care and the prerequisite for smooth support in everyday medical practice.

Interoperability via EFA-interfaces

In addition to the participation in the Connectathon, the platform was also able to qualify in the parallel Projektathon, thus successfully fulfilling all requirements for participation in EFA 2.0 (Elektronische Fallakte Deutschland).